The Hut (5/4) wins the Whyalla Art Prize 2017

I am pleased and gratified that my video work¬†The Hut (5/4) has been chosen as the winning work in this year’s Whyalla Art Prize not least for the high calibre of my fellow finalists and judges. My sincere thanks to all who supported me along the way. I may type more when I’m able to catch my breath…

The Hut (5/4) is an ultra HD cinematic work in 2.5D video projection in 21:9 aspect ratio. It is set in a ‘nowherescape’, a liminal hinterland of collapsible time that is at once bittersweet, life-affirming and deadly. This photo-cinematic project features unique techniques that intimate depth in photography. The work embodies the idea of ‘Elastic Photography’ that sits between the stilled film and the filmic still, reality and illusion, analogue and digital.

This project includes work created in South Australia, the ACT, the United States and the Outer Hebrides and Shetland Islands of Scotland and artefacts photographed in the Adelaide Civic Collection, The South Australian Museum and the National Museum of Australia.

A detailed description and short bio can be downloaded here.

Video projection installation and accompanying photographic works can be seen here.