Very pleased that Still Life with pear and bush fly has been acquired by the Fondazione Domus at ArtVerona,  a ‘prestigious permanent collection in Italy’, through the auspices of Galleria Marcolini and Director, the indomitable Roberto Farneti.

ArtVerona:Ecco tutte le acquisizioni di Fondazione Domus in fiera: dodici opere, per un valore di 100mila euro - 2015-10-19 12-30-53





























From Google translate: Have been selected by the committee made up of Luca Massimo Barbero, artistic director of Domus Foundation; Mario Gandolfi, representative of the Foundation Domus and Guidalberto of Canossa, vice president of Veronafiere the works, for a total of 100 thousand euro, will be acquired by the institution and that will enrich the Museum collections Scala. Also this year much attention has gone to young people (some already quite known), with a few forays in the ’70s, but this is only the first tranche of “shopping”, because in the coming days we will know who are selected for fund of 50 thousand Euros allocated by a number of collectors and patrons, led by Giorgio Fasol.

But here, in the meantime, the list of the first works purchased.
Toni Costa, Dynamic Visual, 1969. It ranges from Gallery, Bologna;
Elio Marchegiani, Weights color, 1973 Galleria Giraldi, Livorno;
Sassolino, Untitled, 2007, Lara & Rino Costa Contemporary Art, Valencia;
Roberta Busechian, TeXtMessAgeGlow, 2015, Melepere & rosso18, Verona;
Mauro Fiorese, Deposits of the Uffizi Gallery – Florence, 2014 (photo of the home page) Boxart Art Gallery, Verona;
Anna Gramaccia, Overlap (Gray), 2015, Rizzutogallery, Palermo;
Jacopo Candotti, The Eleventh Hour 3, 2015 (pictured above), Arrivada Gallery, Milan;
Sten & Lex, Untitled # 4, 2013, doppelgaenger, Bari;
Nebojša Despotović, Untitled, 2011, Boccanera, Trento;
CJ Taylor, Still life with pear and bushfly, 2012, Gallery Marcolini, Forlì;
João Freitas, Untitled, 2015, Gallery Overs, Siena;
Ekaterina Panikanova, Box # 85, 2014; Z20 Sara Zanin, Rome.
Do you want to see all the photos? You find them on our facebook page

Form the ArtVerona website: The 11 edition of ArtVerona/Art Project Fair, the modern and contemporary art fair organised by Veronafiere, is going to take place from the 16 to the 19 of October 2015, in halls 11 and 12 of the Verona exhibition centre.

The fair, which took a huge leap forward in 2014 thanks to its institutional consolidation, a 21% increase in the number of exhibitors, the successful refinement of the works proposed, a 30% increase in the presence of collectors and an increasingly qualified public, intends to pursue the virtuous evolution process undertaken.

Under the artistic direction of Andrea Bruciati and with the renewed support of ANGAMC (National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries), this year too,  ArtVerona/Art Project Fair, which has made the communication between modern and contemporary art its distinguishing feature and has been acknowledged over the years as a presenter of innovative formats that prioritise research and experimentation, such as Independents and Raw Zone, will involve some of the most representative Italian galleries, together with the main institutions and personalities of the art system.

The fair, held in Verona, a city internationally famed for its history and art, and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be accompanied by a rich programme of collateral events, organised in conjunction with local institutions, creating a highly articulated cultural event; a greatly anticipated appointment which records a valuable indication of the market trend thanks to the fact that it is held in early autumn; a growing fair which finds support in coping with incoming flows of visitors and promotion in Veronafiere.














Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.27.44 pm

Ghostly Nature – Part 2

Aurelia Carbone, Sasha Grbich, Aldo Iacobelli, Heidi Kenyon, Hailey Lane, Brad Lay, Ian North, Amy Pfitzner, CJ Taylor.
Curated by Polly Dance, as part of Adelaide City Council’s Emerging Curator Program

Ghostly Nature – part 2 is the second in a two-part series of exhibitions at the Adelaide Town Hall that continues to explore the dark and haunted side of our natural landscape. This exhibition features recent photography, painting, sculpture and video works by Adelaide-based artists Aurelia Carbone, Sasha Grbich, Aldo Iacobelli, Heidi Kenyon, Hailey Lane, Brad Lay, Ian North, Amy Pfitzner and CJ Taylor. These artists have individually visited the ghosts of their past/present. Where smoke rises, ice melts, wave’s crash and nature asserts itself in often mysterious, yet magical ways that need to be seen to be believed.

EXHIBITION OPENING: 5.30-8PM Friday 9 October 2015

The Alchemists – Australian Centre for Photography

Pleased to be able to contribute to what’s looking like a landmark Australian new-old-new photography show at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney from October to December. Read on for your chemical fix…

From the ACP website: This is a collaborative project between Australian Centre for Photography, The Australian National University and The University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts. At a time when digital images are rapidly created and consumed, this project activates experimental darkroom processes within contemporary photography. Born of darkroom experimentation and mixed with innovative digital photography techniques, this project will invoke new ‘hybrid’ practices and dialogues through the production of an exhibition, symposium and masterclass. It will address a current gap in understanding about the fascinating nexus between analogue and digital photography and will provide a creative audience with access to participatory practices as well as an insight into an Australian perspective within the Asia-Pacific region.

The Alchemists project, begins with an exhibition (30 October – 13 December) at the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) showcasing the work of 25 artists from Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Thailand.

Symposium, Saturday 5 December at Sydney College of the Arts
Masterclass, Monday 7 December at The Australian National University and National Gallery of Australia
Workshops at Australian National University 7 – 11 December

The Cat Street Gallery SIGNAL8 2015 Hong Kong

For everyone freezing in the southern climbs of Oz if you fancy a trip to Honkers The Cat Street Gallery are serving summer cocktails to launch SIGNAL8, their latest annual salon summer show featuring some of the best talent that big city has to offer. Running from now until September 12.

Still life with pear and bush fly, 2014

Still life with pear and bush fly, 2014

Still life with pear and housefly, 2014

Still life with pear and housefly, 2014

Still life with apple and green fly, 2014

Still life with apple and green fly, 2014








All acrylic-glass fused pigment prints, lustrous high gloss finish, float wall mounted. Museum facemounted in Hong Kong. US$3,300 each.

Penumbral Tales – SALA Festival 2015


Two shows – Penumbral Tales at Flinders City Gallery and CACSA Contemporary 2015 at Morphed, 172 Morphett St, Light Square.

Yes it’s the 2015 South Australia Living Artists Festival and I qualify on the first four words alone! (OK, I am also a festival to my people). Launching tonight at the Flinders City Gallery on North Terrace in the State Library of South Australia is Penumbral Tales a super survey show of the state of play in SA photography today interspersed with with treasures from the collection from Käthe Kollwitz to Carte de Visites.

Curated by the venerable Mark Kimber and featuring a superb catalogue essay by Jemima Kemp the show features the work of 9 SA photographic artists – Alice Blanch, Odette England, Gee Greenslade, Mark Kimber, Sue Kneebone, Hailey Lane, Deborah Paauwe, CJ Taylor and James Tylor. To be opened by Lisa Slade, Assistant Director, Artistic Programs, Art Gallery of South Australia and with thanks to the FUAM mob, Fiona Salmon, Celia Dottore and Maddie Reece for a superb job. So come along and dive into the murky bad lands of this little ol’ southern state until September 20.

Penumbral Tales from the phone of the curator

but wait! there’s more


CACSA Contemporary – SALA Festival 2015

Ex Officio

Ex Officio (2015)

…for the second outing I’m thrilled to be a part of CACSA Contemporary 2015 with the debut of works resulting from delving into the vaults of the Adelaide City Archives and SA Museum (with thanks to Rayleen Forester, and David Kerr respectively). Also featuring large scale prints from a bedazzling trip to the outer reaches of Scotland and a recent video work come along and see the newest nowness of over 40 of SA’s contemporary artists at eight venues across the city. Opening 6pm on August 6th and running ’til August 30.





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Storie Naturali at Galleria Marcolini, Italy

Storie Naturali curated by Roberto & Federica Farneti with Elena Dolcini. Critical text by Giulia Sissa

Thrilled to be a part of a compelling new show at the fantastic Galleria Marcolini. Curated around the fictional bittersweet writings of Primo Levi, Storie Naturali beings together four artists in a visual clash of functional disfunction, fact and fiction. An amazing show with a dynamic new gallery in Italy’s cultural north. More choice words here


Fine Print magazine launch

The curatorial powerhouse of Gillian Brown, Rayleen Forester, Joanna Kitto ave added a welcome new voice to contemporary art scribbling – fine print magazine . The first issue is on TIME for which they graciously asked me to pen a piece. Take 5 and read it here. With luck and funding to be print published at the end of the year. Best of luck with the new venture Fine Printers!

fine print magazine


Salt (Diptych)


Welcome to the first edition of fine print.

fine print is an independent visual arts magazine focusing on critical and experimental discussion around contemporary art. We are excited about fresh perspectives in the practice of writing about art; new forms of reporting, reviewing, debating and reciprocating contemporary art that makes an effort to actively record art as it happens.

For our inaugural issue we’ve compiled a series of articles that explore the notion of time. In an increasingly unstable climate we have seen contemporary artists engaging with process driven theories related to marking, scoring, assembling or disassembling the notion of time and space.

This month we investigate this theory and its relationship to artists today.

Issue #1 includes feature articles from Matthew Lorenzon (VIC), Riley O’Keeffe (SA) and CJ Taylor (SA) alongside responses to contemporary works by Madeline Reece (SA) and Gloria Strzelecki (SA).

Join the conversation here.

Work appearing at Art Central, Hong Kong

Art Central

Art Central is Hong Kong’s exciting new art fair, showcasing the next generation of talent alongside some of the most established contemporary galleries and art spaces from across the globe.

Launched by the founders of ART HK, Art Central debuts 14-16 March 2015 (VIP Preview 13 March 2015) to coincide with Art Basel’s Hong Kong edition.

Art Central, Hong Kong will feature over 70 leading international galleries and will be staged in the largest ever specially commissioned, purpose-built structure to have ever been erected in Hong Kong. Located on the new Central Harbour front, the fair is conveniently located less than 2km from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where Art Basel takes place.

Find .M Contemporary and my work at Booth C4






CJ Taylor’s debut show at .M Contemporary 14 Feb-15 Mar 2015

Visit the gallery here


Mere Tyrannies – Sydney show opens Feb 14

Mere Tyrannies

Roll up for the first Sydney survey show with work from two series created over the last 4 years. Michelle and Louise at .M Contemporary, Sydney’s newest contempt art gallery, have invited me to show with them to kick off the 2015 season. Alongside the incredible Simone Rosenbauer we’ll be holding two side-by-side solo extravaganza. Some come fill your boots and empty your wallets. Opening Saturday 14 February 3-5pm. Artist ‘Walkabout’ on the Sunday. Check back for times. Blurb below…



CJ Taylor’s debut show at .M Contemporary 14 Feb-15 Mar 2015

Part survey part debut, CJ Taylor’s first show at .M Contemporary takes us on a journey through two significant series – even,still (2011-2014) and the ongoing either,either (2013 – ).

Taylor’s work collapses time, history, fact and fiction into beautiful new worlds replete with certainty and contradiction.

even,still captures the disquieting oddness and game-like artifice of 17th Century Dutch still life painting to explore the inherent beauty and ‘truthiness’ of the photographic image. Resplendent at the centre of a native floral garland, an earless fluorescent pink dingo stares mutely from the image’s liquid gloss, elsewhere a possum stalks alongside a honeyeater, a fluorescent breakfast is served. Seeming to float, bending perspective, small oddities and disruptions entice and cajole. Image and reality flex and bend, hovering between the known and unknown, the real and unreal. Strangely familiar, beautifully stilled.

As arts writer Jemima Kemp has observed, Taylor’s work is born ‘where nature meets culture, one where the fragility of the bush is threatened by rabbits, buffaloes yet one where this proliferative energy, where nature abundant, beautiful, slippery and resistant pushes back and evades culture’s force. These bright harbingers of disquiet slip into the frame dismantling its certainties, and yet always evading our grasp.’

The series either,either continues Taylor’s play with what is real and not real by exploring a peculiarly Australian experience. Time and nature are entwined together again in the Australian bush through a mix of still lifes and beautifully staged tableaus of the lives and objects from an imagined past. These nowherescapes are gentle and edgy evocations of the slipperiness of time.

In them there is a reimagining, of people, place and art. They are all linked in their own ways. They challenge notions of reality, fiction, landscape and above all, of time.

They are bright, dark, beautiful and coarse, unsure yet rock steady.