The Hut (5/4) wins the Whyalla Art Prize 2017

The Hut (5/4) is an ultra HD cinematic work in 2.5D video projection in 21:9 aspect ratio. It is set in a ‘nowherescape’, a liminal hinterland of collapsible time that is at once bittersweet, life-affirming and deadly. This photo-cinematic project features unique techniques that intimate depth in photography. The work embodies the idea of ‘Elastic Photography’ that sits between the stilled film and the filmic still, reality and illusion, analogue and digital.

The ∞ Infinity version plays randomly generated sequences of all 24 scenes and soundscapes in never-ending unique permutations so that no two experiences of the work are ever the same.

This project includes work created in South Australia, the ACT, the United States and the Outer Hebrides and Shetland Islands of Scotland and artefacts photographed in the Adelaide Civic Collection, The South Australian Museum and the National Museum of Australia.

Video projection installation and accompanying photographic works can be seen here.

A detailed description and short bio can be downloaded here.

Download the mag version here.











Olive Cotton Award

Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture

21 July – 8 October 2017
The Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre, NSW.

The Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture is a $20,000 biennial national award for excellence in photographic portraiture dedicated to the memory of photographer Olive Cotton. The winning work is acquired for the Gallery’s Collection. The exhibition is selected from entrants across Australia and is a significant opportunity for photographers living and working in Australia.

The Olive Cotton Award exhibition selection for 2017 is as follows:

Matthew ABBOTT ¦ Stephen BACCON ¦ Donna BAILEY ¦ Warwick BAKER ¦ Vanessa BERTAGNOLE ¦ JeremyBLINCOE ¦ James BRICKWOOD ¦ Rachel Sara BROMBERG ¦ Isaac BROWN ¦ Chris BUDGEON ¦ Margaret BURNS ¦Daniel BUSHAWAY ¦ Brett CANET-GIBSON ¦ Eva COLLINS ¦ Michael COOK ¦ Michael CORRIDORE ¦ Christopher DAY¦ Jeremy DRAPE ¦ Marian DREW ¦ Ella DREYFUS ¦ Stephen DUPONT ¦ Jenny EVANS ¦ Merilyn FAIRSKYE ¦ JacquelineFELSTEAD ¦ George FETTING ¦ Tina FIVEASH ¦ Dean GOLJA ¦ Mike GRAY ¦ Kalem HORN ¦ Penelope HUNT ¦ KellyHUSSEY-SMITH ¦ Ingvar KENNE ¦ Mark KIMBER ¦ Katrin KOENNING ¦ Thom KOTIS ¦ Jon LEWIS ¦ Michael MARZIK ¦Joseph McGLENNON ¦ Jason McNAMARA ¦ Rod McNICOL ¦ Ari MESSINA ¦ Jacqueline MITELMAN ¦ Anita MODOK¦ Matthew NEWTON ¦ Polixeni PAPAPETROU ¦ Travis PATERSON ¦ Zorica PURLIJA ¦ Krystle RICCI ¦ RenateRIENMUELLER ¦ Lynne ROBERTS-GOODWIN ¦ Julie RRAP ¦ David RYRIE ¦ Steven SIEWERT ¦ Roger SKINNER ¦Tristan STILL ¦ Jacqui STOCKDALE ¦ Donna SULWAY ¦ Sarah TALAJ ¦ Angela TARLINTON ¦ CJ TAYLOR ¦ Craig TUFFIN ¦Justine VARGA ¦ John WATSON ¦ Nicole WELLS ¦ Louise WHELAN ¦ Julie WILLIAMS ¦ Michael WILLIAMS ¦ AnnetteWILLIS ¦ Yiorgos ZAFIRIOU ¦ Anne ZAHALKA ¦ Sharon ZWI

Naturally Yours

An exhibition of work addressing environmental issues by early career researchers at the Australian National University School of Art & Design from 16th June – 15 July.

Changes to the natural environment and speculation on its possible demise are conspicuous in investigations by contemporary artists.

The exhibition is intended to reinforce how art offers an opportunity to explore complex questions in imaginative and accessible ways. It will reiterate that artists are instigators, thinking about problems and issues relevant to many of us.

Artists include: Antonia Aitken; Vanessa  Barbay; Sally  Blake; Leah Bullen; Tony Curran; Nicola Dickson; Kirsten Farrell; Cathy Franzi; Steven Holland; Hardy Lohse; Anja Loughhead; Anna Madeleine; Amanda Stuart; CJ Taylor; and Caroline Young

Seven works from the series even,still (2011-14) will appear in the show.

Still life with salmon, walnuts and lemon (2011)

Still life with salmon, walnuts and lemon
60 x 80cm

Illuminance Hill Smith Gallery

Illuminace – an all photography show featuring works by: Gregory Ackland, Mark Kimber, Lisa Tomasetti, Cang Xin, CJ Taylor


24 Jun – 22 Jul 2017
Hill Smith Gallery

113 Pirie Street, Adelaide,
South Australia, Australia 5000


National Portrait Gallery

NPPP17 social media graphic


National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017

This year is the 10th anniversary of the National Photographic Portrait Prize (#NPPP2017), so it’ll be extra special. In addition to the first prize of $25,000, prizes will be awarded for Highly Commended, Art Handlers’ Award and the ever-popular People’s Choice.

Saturday 1 April until Sunday 18 June 2017 thence touring nationally until 2018.

National Portrait Gallery, Canberra


The Hut and Mere Tyrannies solo exhibition

A new 2.5D photo-cinema in 21:9 HD 

The Hut (2017) is an ultra HD photo-cinematic work in 2.5D video projection in 21:9 aspect ratio. Never before used in photography in an endeavour of this magnitude, the technique embodies the idea of ‘Elastic Photography’, photomedia imbued will the illusion of depth (no special 3D glasses required). The Hut is set in a ‘nowherescape’, a liminal hinterland of collapsible time that is at once bittersweet, life-affirming and deadly.

The Hut (excerpt)

Briefly screened in Canberra using ANU Photography and Media Art’s powerful 12k lumen building projector the work measures 6m x 14m. Comprised of 24 scenes each programmed never to repeat in the same permutation, The Hut explores the indexical lamination of memory, history, narrative and reality afforded by photography imbued with the illusion of spatial dimensionality. Shown as part of my PhD research, it investigates the notion that far from freezing a ‘slice of time’ photography reanimates perception through sensation rendering duration flexible and elastic.

The Hut features work created in South Australia, the ACT, the United States and the Outer Hebrides and Shetland Islands of Scotland.

Click here to see exhibition images.


The Hut #4 (2017)

ANU SoA+D Gallery solo

3.5 years work, 30 pieces, 11 days to see in exchange for one PhD. Fair cop.

Highlights from nearly 4 years will be on show at the ANU School of Art Gallery. Feauturing work created in South Australia, the ACT, the United States and the Outer Hebrides and Shetland Islands of Scotland, and incorporating artefacts photographed in the Adelaide Civic Collection, The South Australian Museum and the National Museum of Australia, the work is so unassuming it’s taken over the entire gallery!

What: photographic works, stereoviews, cinematic parallax video projections, blood, sweat, money and tears (in that order)
Where: ANU School of Art Gallery, Ellery Cres, Acton ACT 2601
When: Opening Wednesday 6pm, March 29. Exhibition March 30 – April 8

Also, one work from the show will be seen across the lake as part of the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017.

What: can’t say (the gallery asked nicely not to until opening)
Where: National Portrait Gallery, King Edward Terrace, Parkes, Canberra, ACT 2600
When: April 1 – June 18 then touring until 2018.



I’m also thrilled that the amazing painter Claudia Chaseling is to launch her magnificent new monograph in the adjoinng Foyer Gallery on the night! Spatial painting meets dimensional photography with some fluorescence thrown in for good measure.

Claudia Chaseling book launch


The ANU School of Art Gallery is a public art space which performs an integrated and critical function within the School of Art community, the broader constituency of the Australian National University and the ACT community.

The Gallery presents an annual exhibition program, with related publications and associated events, which critically frames Australian visual art practice, presents graduate and post-graduate work in a professional gallery context and reflects the international profile of the ANU School of Art.

ANU School of Art Main Gallery
Ellery Crescent
Action, ACT

Tuesday-Friday 10.30AM-5.00PM
Saturday 12.00-5.00PM

scenes from The Hut


ArtVerona Italy

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.47.37 am





Thrilled and honoured to be returning to ArtVerona in Italy this year with the unstoppable art juggernaut that is Galleria Marcolini. ArtVerona is a major contemporary art fair with principal partner Fondazione Domus. Galleria Marcolini will be leading the charge with some Australian Carpetbaggers. Deadly.


Mere Tyrannies




Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.47.53 am


ArtVerona | Art Project Fair, the modern and contemporary art fair acquired and organised by Veronafiere since 2014, will be holding its twelfth edition from the 14th to the 17th of October 2016.

On the strength of the overall expansion of the fair, which has recorded a progressive increase in the number of exhibitors and collectors and continues to achieve greater and greater recognition among operators, the event (under the artistic management of Andrea Bruciati since 2014) undertakes to perform an even more refined selection of the galleries it features and the collateral shows.

Since the first edition, ArtVerona has identified a distinctive style in the communication between modern and contemporary which has evolved over the years with innovative formats aimed at research and experimentation, and has always aimed to promote the Italian art system with the presentation of an “extended fair”. An appointment which doesn’t end with the days of the event itself, but which continues in time and space, with initiatives in which it is a real engine for the promotion of contemporary culture.

ArtVerona | Art Project Fair, la fiera d’arte moderna e contemporanea dal 2014 acquisita e organizzata da Veronafiere, terrà la sua dodicesima edizione dal 14 al 17 Ottobre 2016.

Forte del complessivo innalzamento della sua proposta, che ha visto registrare nelle ultime rassegne un progressivo incremento di espositori e collezionisti e un riconoscimento sempre più allargato da parte degli operatori, la manifestazione, dal 2014 sotto la direzione artistica di Andrea Bruciati, si impegna per una selezione ancora più affinata delle gallerie e dei collateral.

ArtVerona, che fin dal suo esordio ha individuato nel dialogo tra moderno e contemporaneo un tratto distintivo, evolutosi nel tempo attraverso format innovativi tesi alla ricerca e alla sperimentazione, mira da sempre a promuovere il sistema dell’arte italiano nell’ottica di una fiera ‘espansa’. Un appuntamento, che non si esaurisce nei soli giorni di manifestazione ma si protrae nel tempo e nello spazio, attraverso iniziative che la vedono quale reale volano per la promozione della cultura contemporanea.

Ente Autonomo per le Fiere di Verona
viale del Lavoro 8 – 37135 Verona
Tel. 045 8298111
Fax 045 8298288
P.IVA IT 00233750231

Shimmer Photographic Biennale

Alchemical Traces – Curated by Sam Oster

The Shimmer Photographic Biennale is held every two years across the City of Onkaparinga to celebrate the art of photography and the culture of the camera.

This festival delivers a curated program of exhibitions, workshops, markets and artist talks inclusively supporting the creative talents of both emerging and established artists, as well as the local amateur photographic community. Shimmer began life through conversations between artists in Victoria and South Australia around the need for a photography festival in South Australia. The first festival was held in 2010 and has grown every year to the point where it is now considered an essential part of the state’s arts calendar.

This year, the fourth Shimmer Photographic Biennale runs from 2 September until 2 October 2016.

Full program and show map here

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.42.31 am

Even Still at the ATH

Very pleased to be involved with the emerging curator Program once more and the curatorially indefatigable Joanna Kitto! A fab collection of artists showing Feb thru April…

Adelaide Town Hall - Art Exhibitions 2016-02-05 13-27-53