About either,either (Ex Officio)

From CACSA Contemporary 2015 catalogue:

The four year series either,either seeks to collapse time, history, fact and fiction into beautiful new worlds replete with certainty and contradiction. The malleability of time through the simultaneous presentation of still and moving imagery is central to my work within the ‘expanded field’[1] of photomedia.

This work problematises what is real and not real by exploring a peculiarly Australian experience. These nowherescapes are gentle and edgy evocations of the slipperiness of time.

In them there is a reimagining, of people, place and art. They are all linked in their own ways. They challenge notions of reality, fiction, landscape and above all, of time. Time and nature are entwined together in a helical fashion.

The contention of this approach to complicate our perception of time beyond the chronological straightjacket it finds itself relegated to on a daily basis. My research continues to explore the notion that time is ‘collapsible’, constantly unfolding and repeating and that photomedia becomes our most reliable connection to time itself as lived experience.

It is the variability of time and the ‘anxieties’[2] these create that my research is now examining through an investigation of the colonial life and times of Colonel William Light (1786 -1839). The execution of the work contests notions of reality, narrative and history amongst the backdrop of life in South Australian liminal hinterlands.

As Jemima Kemp writes, Taylor ‘…brings us to an uneasy space where nature meets culture, one where the fragility of the bush is threatened… yet one where this proliferative energy, where nature abundant, beautiful, slippery and resistant pushes back and evades culture’s force.’

Nature resists culture. Nature pushes back.


The Artist would like to thank David Kerr, South Australian Museum and Rayleen Forester, City of Adelaide Civic Collection.

[1] Baker, George. “Photography’s Expanded Field.” October 114 (2005): 121-40.

[2] Belden-Adams, Kris, Modern time: Photography and temporality, PhD dissertation (Advisor Dr Geoffrey Batchen), City University of New York, 2010, 268 pages.


X Officio (2015)
180 x 83cm

1818 (2015)
240 x 80cm

A third figure (2015)
160 x 77cm

Under (2015)
150 x 84cm

Sliver of silver #1
60 x 32cm

Sliver of silver #2
240 x 80cm

All pigment print APs of 1