About either,either (III)

EITHER,EITHER (2013/2017 )

The four year series either,either explores an ‘otherworld’ of Australian society. Its locus is formed at the boundaries between city and country, where the colonised world intersects with what remains of the natural one. It is an exploration of the ‘truthiness’ of reality and the way in which human beings construct their own hybrid truths. It is bright, dark, beautiful and coarse, unsure yet rock steady.


Bushcropolis #1
16:9 HD Video
10:38min looped
(customised presentation casing)

Still life with apple and green fly

Still life with pear and bush fly

Still life with pear and housefly

Acrylic glass face mounts. Editions of 5 +AP.
APs 59 x 70cm
Eds. 1-5. 84.5 x 100cm