About Beast In Show

(a selection, work in progress)

Great men have great dogs
Otto Von Bismarck

Some pets deserve a little more respect than others
Best In Show (Castle Rock Entertainment)

Serendipitously being told of a local meeting at the South Australian Canine Association, hidden away a mere 10 minutes from my door, this series began with two chilly mornings at a dog show, held primarily to train new judges. The people were welcoming while their eyes were firmly on the prizes. The dogs were just happy to be there. Mostly.

It’s an oddly subjective human construct requiring much preparation and even more waiting around for their brief moment at a chance of some canine reflected glory. And then there are the breeds and the breeders. A strange arbitrary reality with very real genetic consequences.

It’s a contrasty saturated drool-encrusted world, imbued with caged emotion until the winners win and the losers lose. It then explodes, albeit briefly, as the decision is made and the dissenters argue the toss of the bone. For images to rise above the visual mêlée they must scratch past the surface and worm their way into the heart of the matter. They must vaccinate the viewer against unwanted interpretations and hold their attention, treating them to a visual reward by showing something previously unregarded, something stripped to the bone.

Shadows and cages, and the love of a dog.

This is an ongoing series.

Six of the best exhibited at the Eighth CCP Documentary Photography Award 2011

Image Details: High gloss dry prints 32x48cm, book